Downloaded from : by ACOM Srl on October 16,2015 For personal use only. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, published on October 8,2015 as idol:10.2967 / jnumed.115.161216

” Cu-DOTATATE for non-invasive assessment of atherosclerosis in large arteries and its correlation with risk factors: head-to-head comparison with “Ga-DOTATOC in 60 patients

Running title : ” Cu-DOTATATE and Atherosclerosis

* Catarina Malmberg 1,*Rasmus S.Ripa 1,Camilla B.Johnbeck 1, Ulrich Knigger2,Seppo W.Langer3,Jann Mortensen1, Peter Oturai1, Annika Loft1, Anne Mette Hag1, Andreas kjaer1